Whistleblowers being blacklisted by NHS

nhs whistleblowing_source the telegraph

The Telegraph has reported that despite being cleared by employment tribunals, or receiving formal apologies for unlawful treatment at work, NHS whistleblowers’ staff records continue to state that they were “dismissed” from their previous job.

Jahad Rahman, a partner at Rahman Lowe Solicitors and specialist in employment law, was quoted in an article that was published in The Telegraph on 21.08.2016.

The Department of Health has now been accused of flouting data protection and employment legislation by refusing to amend incorrect records that are preventing doctors and nurses who exposed care scandals from returning to work.

Jahad Rahman said that “employers do not have to give references, but if they do, they are legally obliged to give accurate statements. If the record is inaccurate, that is potentially a breach of employment law”.

Mr Rahman added that the Department of Health’s refusal to change staff records is “probably deliberate”, saying: “I don’t think it is an administrative error; that would be absurd in my opinion.”

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