Sex discrimination – sacked for being a women. Jahad Rahman is representing a City Executive

‘City firm sacked me for being a women’.

A successful City executive claims that she was fired for being a women. Ms Westerlind, a premium client manager at CMC Markets, a global financial institution, was sacked for allegedly using abusive and racist language during a telephone conversation with a male colleague. Her case is that it was the male colleague, not her, who used the offensive language. Whilst the male colleague was accused of the same conduct, he was not dismissed and was let off with a written warning.

Rahman Lowe Solicitors partner, Jahad Rahman is representing the female executive. He said: “We have seen a rise in the number of women working in the City making claims of sex discrimination.  Gender discrimination in the City seems to be a cultural problem and it is important that these are addressed and women are not victimised by big corporate companies.

A claim for sex discrimination has been lodged at the Employment Tribunal and the case is due to be heard in October.

The case has attracted a lot of press coverage. Read The Telegraph article and the Evening Standard report on the case for further information.

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