Employment tribunal fees

The Government has announced the introduction of a fee of up to £1200 for taking claims to an employment tribunal. The changes are intended to be implemented in summer 2013. Ministers have said that tribunals’ cost the taxpayer more than £84m a year and the purpose of introducing fees is to reduce the cost of the tribunal system to the taxpayer.

We have summarised the key points below:

  • Straightforward unpaid wages and redundancy pay claims: issue fee of £160 and a charge of £230 if the case goes to a hearing
  • Unfair dismissal, discrimination and equal pay claims: issue fee of £160 and a hearing fee of £950.

Fees are part of the Government’s programme to promote early resolution of disputes in order to help individuals and companies to get on with their lives and businesses.

Jahad Rahman said “whilst the introduction of fees in the employment tribunal could deter those on law wages from bringing valid employment tribunal claims, the new fee system is likely to discourage vexatious litigants from pursuing hopeless claims against their employer.

For further information, please click here to read the Government’s press release.