Muslim woman suing estate agent ‘after being told black hijab made her look like a terrorist’

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Rahman Lowe Solicitors recently filed a claim in the Employment Tribunal for religious discrimination and harassment against Bury based estate agency, Harvey Dean.

Our client was forced to resign from her job after she was ordered to remove her black headscarf because the garment allegedly had “terrorist affiliations”.

Our client, a high flying sales negotiator worked for Harvey Dean for almost a year when her managers took issue with her headscarf. She was harassed and subjected to a tirade of abuse for wearing a headscarf at work.

The case has attracted considerable press attention and was reported in The Independent.

“Zillur Rahman, an employment lawyer representing the claimant for Rahman Lowe Solicitors, believes the case is the first of its kind in the UK following a landmark ruling in the European Court of Justice in March“.

A preliminary hearing is due to take place at the Manchester Employment Tribunal on 20 July 2017.

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