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Race discrimination and burden of proof in discrimination cases

    The case of Royal Mail Group Ltd v Efobi, considered the matter of the burden of proof in discrimination claims. Mr Efobi is a black Nigerian and a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. He was employed by the Royal Mail Group as a Postman. He has graduate and post-graduate qualifications in Information […]

No Deal Brexit Guidance

Data transfers under the GDPR in the event of a no-deal Brexit The European Data Protection Board has published new guidance for stakeholders on data transfers under the GDPR if the UK leaves the EU without a deal in place. The European Data Protection Board has published the following guidance to help stakeholders prepare for […]

New government guidance on understanding and reducing gender pay gap

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) has published two new pieces of guidance for employers to help them identify the potential causes of any gender pay gap (or GPG) within their organisation and develop an effective approach to tackle it: —Eight ways to understand your organisation’s gender pay gap, and —Four steps to developing a gender […]

Employment Tribunal to determine whether ‘gagging’ clause in NHS settlement agreement is lawful

Rahman Lowe Solicitors are pursuing a landmark case before the Employment Tribunal to determine whether a gagging clause in an NHS settlement agreement is lawful under the Employment Rights Act 1996 (“ERA 1996”).  If successful, the case will prevent NHS managers and their lawyers from silencing NHS workers that blow the whistle about patient safety […]

Successful libel claim outcome for prominent journalist against the Metro

Rahman Lowe Solicitors successfully represented Mr Roshan Salih with his defamation claim against the Metro (Associated Newspapers Ltd). Mr Salih is a prominent journalist and documentary film presenter. He presents a current affairs programme on Press TV, and in his long career has worked for reputable news organisations such as the ITV, Channel 4, Discovery […]

Racism in football – does football have a racism problem?

England and Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling recently spoke out about the explicit racism published in the media against black players. Following an allegation of racial abuse at Stamford Bridge on 8 December, Sterling posted examples of two headlines published in the Daily Mail, one painting a young white footballer in a caring and positive […]

Harvey Weinstein: judge rejects bid to dismiss #MeToo sexual assault charges

A judge has declined to dismiss the sexual assault charges against Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein has been charged with rape and other criminal sexual acts. He denies all allegations of non-consensual sex and his lawyers asked for the case to be dismissed on the grounds of evidential inconsistencies but a judge has decided against it. Jahad Rahman of […]

Sexual harassment at work including “forced hugging”

It was recently reported that the founder and CEO of fashion chain Ted Baker has been accused of alleged inappropriate behaviour. An employee set up an on-line petition which staff used to allege that there is a culture of “forced hugging” by the CEO, Ray Kelvin. He has taken a voluntary leave of absence from […]

NDAs and sexual harassment

There has been much media attention around NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) recently and their use in complaints of sexual harassment. With the emergence of the #metoo campaign from the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the Presidents Club Charity Dinner, has come scrutiny and criticism of the use of gagging clauses to keep those making complaints of sexual […]

Addison Lee drivers are workers

Employment Status: Addison Lee Ltd v Lange & Others The Employment Tribunal has yet again been asked to decide upon that blurred line between self-employed, worker and employee. It appears to be ever-more important in today’s gig-economy where the constructs surrounding traditional employment appear to be changing and flexible working seems to be on the […]

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